My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel on their way to Alex and Gareth's Instant Restaurant Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

In “My Kitchen Rules’” (MKR) important redemption round, Mackay miners Gareth Cochrane and Alex Ebert have avoided the bottom of the leader board with their inventive menu. They had the most innovative meal that surprised many. Both Alex and Gareth were tensed as they had doubts whether judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel would appreciate their inventions.

On Tuesday, the Queensland duo had a three-course menu prepared that drew inspiration from international flavours. Alex and Gareth prepared mackerel ceviche with chorizo for entree, fennel-crusted pork belly with five-spice pineapple, and cherry sauce for main and chocolate tart with blueberry and raspberry cream for dessert.

However, the budding foodies were disappointed when Pete found the mackerel over-cured with lime juice. It was halfway there for Pete although all the essential elements of a great dish were there. He scored the dish 5 while Manu gave it a 6.

When it seemed that things were not going right for the two, their fennel-crusted pork belly with five-spice pineapple and cherry sauce saved the day. Pete found the main “bloody delicious” and praised Alex and Gareth for their courageous dish, which he found to be unique. However, Manu’s comments were really awesome as he said that the two had converted him even after Manu was not at all confident about the dish when he read the menu.

“Reading it on the menu, I wasn’t sold. You converted me. Mixing it all on the same fork, it made sense,” the Frenchman said.

The two would have got a full score for the main. However, a lack of sauce on the plate took away a point each from the two.

Fortunes changed, though, when dessert was served. Judges were not at all happy with it and called it the worst dish of the night. The plating was messy and the tart had the wrong texture. Pete gave the dish a 4, while Manu gave it a 5.

Scores from the guest teams were expected. Three of the guest teams gave the meal 7 each. Also expectedly, the two teams at the bottom of the leader board, Monique and Sarah and Hazel and Lisa, gave the duo fives.

Alex and Gareth finished off with a total score of 69 out of 110, second to Nev and Kell, who stand at 71.

Next up to cook are SA pair Rosie and Paige, while Lauren and Carmine are last. “My Kitchen Rules” airs Mon-Wed, 7.30 and Sunday and 7 on Channel 7.