'My Five Wives' Premiere & Spoilers: Brady Williams and His Five Wives to Be Outcast from Society for Polygamy?

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A new reality show "My Five Wives" premieres tonight on and for the kind of unique concept it has - it is sure to raise eyebrows. The new reality show offering from TLC stars Brady Williams, his five wives and 24 children.

The show revolves around the concept of polygamy and the life of Brady Williams large family property outside Salt Lake City, Utah. Brady will be shown dealing with emotions and insecurities of his wives. The show will open window to the controversial life style which is being led by Williams family and to add a little salt the cameras, will also go behind the door to show the intimacy Brady shares with his five wives.

Regarding the show, Celebrity Laundry.com noted that Brady and his family have been living in a polygamy system, as they believe that there is equality for everyone and God loves and accepts all kind of people. Apparently, the family believes that their choice to be with each other is about their mutual love and commitment than it is about religion.

The beliefs and concept of polygamy has made Church shun the Williams. Moreover, Brady Williams' relatives have gone estranged after he chooses to live a life of polygamy.

The first trailer shows Brady and his wives thinking about leaving the community. Brady further suggests his wives to safe talk out and come to mutual decision. However, his idea of safe talk back fires at him and he is left caught in the middle. Will Brady and five wives leave community for the sake of their happiness?

"My Five Wives" will premiere tonight at 10 PM EST on TLC and don't forget to miss the show. Let us know what you think about one of the most controversial reality shows to be premiered on American television. Do you think concept is polygamy should be allowed?

Stay tuned for spoilers and recaps of "My Five Wives" Season 1.

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