Motorola Moto Z review, a great modular phone that relies too much on its Mods
A woman takes a picture in front of a Motorola logo before the worldwide presentation of the Moto G mobile phone in Sao Paulo November 13, 2013. Reuters/Nacho Doce

Motorola’s flagship smartphones all bear the Moto Z branding. However, that does not mean that the X line of devices is dead after Lenovo took over Motorola. The X series is very much alive and kicking and it may well extend into 2017 as the Moto X 2017 phone is due for release. The handset is most-definitely going to be slotted under Moto Z. Therefore, it is expected to be an upper-midrange device.

According to GSMArena, Moto X 2017 leaked images show the handset to be in gold that has a metal frame. The leaked images also show a fingerprint scanner at the front, rear camera and dual-LED flash. The leaks do not mention any of the specs of the anticipated device. There is a rounded area at the back, protruding from the rest of the body, that hosts the primary camera and flash.

The leaked images do not show pins on the lower side of its rear for MotoMods to attach. This could mean that the Moto X 2017 won’t be a flagship device from Motorola as the company had mentioned all of its flagship devices will support MotoMods. Per Gadgets 360, earlier leaks had also showcased a round camera panel at the device’s back. Moreover, those leaks too did not show support for Motorola’s modular accessory system.

Lenovo’s Moto brand recently announced two new mods, an Incipio car dock and a 3,000 mAh Mophie Battery Pack. Surely, these are not going to find a place on the Moto X 2017 handset. Even though Moto Z is the company’s new flagship brand, the Moto X 2017 handset may have equally good specs as the Moto Z smartphone and its earlier versions.

As nothing about the handset has been revealed, it is advisable to take these leaks lightly. More details are expected to come out soon. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the Moto X 2017 smartphone.