Brigid Sweetman, the mother of Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, finally speaks for the first time about her daughter’s suicide. In a recent interview, Sweetman talked about the negative attention she has been dealign with following her daughter’s death. She also addressed rumours claiming she is to blame for White’s suicide.

Sweetman told People in an interview that her grief at the loss of her daughter is made “one hundred times” worse by the vicious attacks she’s been receiving after White’s death. The 55-year old revealed she has been taunted by strangers with notes pinned to her door. Her home in the south of England has reportedly also been vandalised with the words, “Die b****h.”

“That's why I am putting the record straight here," Sweetman said. She added, "I feel I have to speak out now because I am in fear in my own house. Basically, the way it is here now, I am scared to go out of the door."

Moving out of her own home is not an option for her because she cannot afford the costs to move into a new house. However, Sweetman is determined to stand up for herself against the abuse she is getting since she believes that it “is just not right.”

In the same interview, she also addressed rumours that White committed suicide days after they had an argument, where she told her daughter that she’s “a failure.” Sweetman denied she is to blame for her daughter’s suicide and expressed how “devastated” she is that people would say such thing about her.

"There's a story that has been published saying that I sent Cathriona an email on her birthday nine days before she died, calling her a failure. I don't know who would say such lies, but this is something that never, ever happened,” she told People.

She explained that like any normal mother-and-daughter relationship they too get into an argument. However, she would never call White a failure since she adored and cherished her the moment she was born and have always remained proud and supportive of her until her death in September.

White was found dead on the scene at her Los Angeles home on Sept. 28 with three bottles of prescription drugs next to her. Her death was ruled out as an apparent suicide. She reportedly also left a note which talked about her breakup from Carrey.

Source:YouTube/New York Daily News