“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter has slammed a tabloid story that claimed that she and her boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette are planning to get marriage on her 18th birthday next year.

Winter took to Instagram on Wednesday to confirm that the report is purely gossip. The actress uploaded a split photo featuring the tabloid report and a text conversation with her assistant Davina Adjani.

“@starmagazine here are some EXCLUSIVE deets about my "upcoming nuptials" #imonly17 #letmefinishcollegeapps #thisissilly #notgettingmarried @laurent_claude_gaudette @DavinaAdjani,” she wrote in the caption.

Citing a source, the tabloid had reported, “Winter wants to celebrate turning 18 by walking down the aisle with her boyfriend of two years.” The source added that the actress and her boyfriend have already discussed details aboout their January 2016 wedding.

Winter’s conversation with her assistant included the actress' list of demands for her “upcoming nuptials.” The 17-year-old actress said her marriage ceremony should include 4,000 unicorns, nine million white and red roses, doves, Oprah Winfrey and Drake. Her assistant replied, saying “Your demands are totally normal.”

The actress’ post immediately garnered more than 18 thousand likes and several comments from her fans. One of her followers said, “This is the best thing on the Internet right now,” while another wrote, “Your sense of humor is on point!!! Don't forget the T-rex ring bearer and Alien flower girl.”

In October, Winter and her boyfriend Gaudette celebrated their second anniversary. The actress posted a romantic photo of theirs on Instagram with the caption, "Happy 2 year anniversary my shmoo! I love you so much that I don't even know where to start. When we first met two years ago, I felt this insane, unexplainable connection with you and I knew from that day one that you were the one I wanted to be with …”

The actress also recalled her moments with Gaudette. She ended her message by reminding her boyfriend how “grateful” and “lucky” she is to have him in her life.

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