It’s the Christmas special on this week’s episode of “Modern Family.” The Episode 9 of Season 7 is titled “White Christmas,” and that’s exactly what Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) wants. She decides to rent a mountain cabin for the family, so that they can enjoy the snow while celebrating Christmas.

Things don’t go as planned almost as soon as the Tucker-Pritchett-Dunphy clan arrive at the cabin. The weather is scorching hot and there is no sign of any snowfall. Things get even hotter in the cabin when Gloria decides to invite Andy (Adam DeVine). His fiancée is busy working so Gloria decides to invite him, without knowing that he and Haley (Sarah Hyland) are having an affair.

Andy and Haley agree to keep things discrete. They both agree to keep the affair a secret, but they can’t keep their hands off each other. Phil (Ty Burrell) almost catches them several times, as they are having some private moments. Luckily, Phil doesn’t suspect anything.

Meanwhile, a woman barges into the cabin and introduces herself as Fig Wilson (guest star Andrea Martin). She says that her family celebrates Christmas at the cabin every year. When Gloria tells her that the Wilson family is celebrating in Hawaii this year, she is devastated. Cam (Eric Stoestreet) saves the day by asking her to stay and celebrate with them instead.

Fig turns out to be an astrophysics professor at MIT, and she immediately bonds with Alex (Ariel Winter). As alex spends more time with Fig, she sees her future self in the professor. She begins to understand why Fig’s family left her out of the festivities. Alex convinces the older woman to try to have a more positive demeanour. They decide to sing “Silent Night” for the family, to show that they are enjoying the Christmas spirit.

Mitch and Cam are horrified to hear the woman singing “Silent Night.” They prepared their own version of the song, which they intended to sing in front of the family. They desperately need to redeem themselves, after an intoxicated Mitchell completely humiliated them last year.

Elsewhere, the Christmas vibe gets ruined even further when Jay announces his plans to retire. He tells everyone that he will turn the company over to a man named Chuck Finney. Claire is clearly upset. She has been working very hard in Jay’s company, and she really expected that she will take over once he retires.

It turns out that Jay only invented Chuck Finney, and he’s only testing Claire. He tells Gloria that he wants to see if Claire really wants the job. If she does, she will fight for it. If she doesn’t, then he’s given her an easy way out. Things backfire when Claire gets angry and starts to insult the entire closet industry.

Meanwhile, Luke and Manny have been busy trying to find a way to scare Lily. She is hardly bothered by their stories about ghosts in the closet until she hears some strange sounds coming from one of the closets. When she sees that Manny and Luke are not creating the noise, she starts screaming. All the adults come running and they open the closet door. They find Haley and Andy in a compromising situation.

The cat is out of the bag and everyone is shocked, most of all, Phil. He is disappointed in Andy, and he tells him to either end the fling with Haley or own up to it to his fiancee, Beth. Things get more complicated when Gloria reveals that she’s actually invited Beth as a surprise. Andy tries to tell Beth about what has been happening, but she beats him to the punch. It turns out that she’s been cheating on him for months. The two of them break up and Andy is clearly upset.

Haley questions his reaction and they start to argue. At this point, Gloria steps in and tells everyone that she has gotten pretty much the same Christmas that she gets in Colombia.

It’s very hot, there’s a lot of intrigue, betrayal and stealing. She is very disappointed and lets her feelings out.

She reveals that Jay only invented Chuck Finney and Claire is delighted to learn that her dad wants her to run the company after all. Andy and Haley make up and everyone else finally gets into the Christmas Spirit. Just when the holiday appears to have been saved, The final scene shows Luke getting locked in the closet while the rest of the family goes home.

Find out what happens next in “Modern Family.” The series returns on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC in the U.S.

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