ABC's 'Modern Family' Cast And Crew
The cast and crew of ABC's "Modern Family" pose on the red carpet of the 2014 EMMY Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters/Mike Blake

It's the Thanksgiving special for this week's episode of "Modern Family." This year, the family dinner was to be held at Phil and Claire's house. Mitchell Pritchett, Cam Tucker and their daughter Lily headed over to the Dunphy's but they had to deal with some major parenting issues along the way.

Mitch walked in on Cam scrambling to make Lily a second breakfast made of waffles when she refused to eat the first one he made composed of eggs. Mitch told Cam that he can't let Lily just dictate things like that because she's growing up spoiled. Cam denied that he's been too lax with Lily but Mitch was proven right when Lily asked if she could eat in front of the television. Mitch said no and Cam said yes, which led Lily to call Mitch the "mean daddy."

Mitch told Cam that he's tired of being the bad cop in the relationship and how he's always seen as the evil daddy with horns by Lily. Cam then agreed to be strict with Lily, and he soon got his chance. When they were all getting ready to head to the Dunphy's for Thanksgiving dinner, Lily came out wearing jeans and a shirt instead of the dress that they got her for Thanksgiving. Mitch let Cam handle it, and Cam told Lily nicely that they won't leave until she puts the dress on.

Lily defiantly got the dress and just put it over her t-shirt and jeans. She sarcastically said that she's now got the dress on, so they can go. The two were left speechless but decided to head over to the Dunphy's anyway. When the Thanksgiving dinner was moved to Jay and Claire's house due to a power issue, Mitch and Cam went up to Gloria's closet to borrow her clothes. Lily always had a problem with her dads wearing dresses, and they thought that if they wore dresses over their men's clothes she would see how ridiculous she is by doing the same thing.

Mitch and Cam agree that Lily is only dressing that way to get attention and that she's now too old for it. While talking about Lily, Gloria overheard them and thought they were talking about her. She was hiding in the bathroom with Jay because they were pretending to be in Mexico. However, they were forced to reveal themselves when everyone ended up at their house for Thanksgiving dinner. They had to confess that they wanted to escape the family's craziness pointing out Mitch and Cam's cross dressing as an example. The gay couple were then forced to explain their strategy in trying to get Lily to do what they want after everyone saw how ridiculous they looked. In the end, everyone ended up feasting on the three turkeys prepared by Phil, Jay and Claire who made one for back-up in case Phil messed up the one he was making.