ABC's 'Modern Family' Cast And Crew
The cast and crew of ABC's "Modern Family" pose on the red carpet of the 2014 EMMY Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters/Mike Blake

In this week's "Modern Family," the characters are engaged in activities that deal with coming of age. It is Haley Dunphy's 21st birthday and Claire, Gloria, Mitch and Cam have taken her out to a bar. Mitch and Cam realise that they have become too old for the bar scene while Liliy discusses the birds and the bees with her other young cousins.

Haley can officially have her first drink so Claire took her out with Gloria and her uncles Mitch and Cam. While at the bar, the gay couple is delighted to be able to strut their stuff once again. They brag that gay men are magnets for single women in bars. When they spot a group of women on a bachelorette party, they were sure that the women will latch on to them for a fun night of wholesome dancing.

As they were sitting at their table, they noticed that the women passed them over and instead went on to party with another gay pair. They start to feel competitive and show off their dance moves. They tell the other gay guys that they can take over from there and the other guys were happy enough to get rid of the clingy bachelorettes. Mitch and Cam think that they would finally have their spot in the limelight. The women got disappointed that the other gays left and didn't seem to be too interested in partying with Mitch and Cam. When they return to their table, the once cool uncles also saw that Haley didn't like their gift for her. Everything made them see that they were losing their touch and becoming "gay-ncient" or old and outdated.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Mitch and Cam's daughter Lily is left with her older cousins Alex, Manny and Luke. She starts asking them where babies come from and Luke decides to oblige her. He starts telling her a story of a frat boy and a frat girl meeting at a party and grabbing beers but Manny interrupts him. Manny says that there should be more romance involved and there should be a proper date first. Alex hears them talking and stops the whole thing. She says that if Lily is going to learn about sex, she should hear it from her dads. She convinces both boys to pretend that they didn't know the answer to her question.

To everyone's surprise, Lily tells them that she knows all about the birds and the bees and they should all listen. She then proceeds to tell them a wacky story about eggs and tadpoles placed in a glass of water which the woman drinks. She then says that the man and the woman jump into bed and the woman pees after a year and the baby comes out. The older kids accept Lily's version of the story and she maintains her innocence. "Modern Family" is set to resume airing on Jan. 7 after the Christmas Holidays.

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