The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Chairman Bruce Rosenblum speaks as actress Sofia Vergara from 'Modern Family' slowly spins on a turntable
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Chairman Bruce Rosenblum speaks as actress Sofia Vergara from 'Modern Family' slowly spins on a turntable during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

This week's episode of "Modern Family" is the Thanksgiving holiday special. Jay and Gloria Pritchett along with their son, Joe, were supposed to go to Mexico to meet up with Gloria's Colombian relatives. However, when their trip got cancelled, they decided not to tell anyone. Instead, the couple opted to have a quiet Thanksgiving "staycation" at home.

Gloria's relatives were supposed to meet the Pritchetts in Mexico; but due to a landslide, their local airport in Colombia was shut down. Instead of heading over to Phil and Claire's house for the annual Thanksgiving dinner, they decided not to tell anyone, so that they could escape from the family chaos. Jay decided to prepare a small Turkey at home so that Joe, Gloria and he can enjoy some quiet time together.

While enjoying their quiet evening, Gloria started to feel guilty about lying to the family and suggested that they should just tell them the truth. Jay said that after they had sent a fake video pretending that they were in Mexico, the family would never forgive them. Before they could settle the issue, they were surprised to hear people coming into their house. Apparently, the electricity had gone out of the Dunphy's house due to Claire's carelessness. Gloria's son Manny ended up inviting everyone to have the Thanksgiving dinner at their place instead.

Gloria and Jay were stuck up in their room while everyone else was downstairs. Gloria said that they had no choice but to fake their early return from their trip. Jay agreed and he told Gloria to help him clear out the evidence that they never left. Jay needed to take his wallet and his keys along with Gloria's purse. Meanwhile, Gloria needed to take out the turkey that Jay had in the oven before anyone finds it.

The two rushed out when no one was looking, but they forgot Joe upstairs. They folded up a blanket and just pretended that it was him. They hurriedly went in and announced that they decided to return home in time to spend Thanksgiving with the family. No one was suspicious at first and Gloria was able to take out the turkey from the oven. Unfortunately, in her haste, she took out Phil's turkey and left Jay's much smaller one for Phil to discover later.

A devastated Phil thought that his turkey had shrunk and that he hadn't made enough for everyone. Claire tried to bring in a back-up turkey that she made in case Phil messed up, but she was busted when Alex tried to bring it in the house inside Lily's backpack. Phil was appalled that Claire didn't think that he can pull off making Thanksgiving dinner, and he felt vindicated when Luke discovered his perfectly cooked turkey in Gloria's suitcase while looking for his present. In the end, everyone had to own up to their lies. Jay and Gloria admitted that they never went to Mexico while Claire admitted having a back-up turkey all along. All's well that ends well as they were left with three turkeys to enjoy for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.