Sarah Hyland, From ABCs 'Modern Family,' Poses Backstage.
Sarah Hyland, from ABCs "Modern Family," poses backstage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters

Although Haley Dunphy thinks it sounds lame to be spending her 21st birthday celebration with her mom and her other older relatives, she says that she's fine with it because her mom really seemed like she wanted to take her to a bar. The whole adventure ends with Claire getting a tattoo on her ankle in this week's "Modern Family" which is all about Haley's 21st birthday celebration.

Haley Dunphy is officially allowed to drink so her mom Claire along with her aunt Gloria and her uncles Mitch and Cam all went out with her to a bar. Everyone is under the impression that Haley will be having her first drink even though she had actually been sneaking into bars with a fake ID for a long time. Haley pretends to be shocked by the taste of alcohol while Gloria and Claire continue to try to bond with her now that she's officially an adult.

Claire tells Haley that the best gift she can offer is that of her unconditional acceptance and friendship. Because of this, Claire is forced to pretend not to be affected when Haley shares that she was no longer a virgin. Haley tells Gloria about her ex-boyfriend Dylan and their activities together and Claire pretends to be cool with the whole thing.

Haley starts to believe that Claire is really finally treating her like an adult so she begins to open up more. Haley tells Claire how happy she is that her mom is very open and accepting and reveals that she was initially afraid to tell Claire of her other birthday plan. Haley tells Claire that she had been planning on getting a tattoo and that she was afraid that Claire wasn't going to let her.

Claire finds herself caught against a wall because she had just told Haley that she will not judge and accept whatever decisions Haley will make for herself now that she's an adult. Gloria makes things worse by saying that Claire should pay for the tattoo and also finds a nearby tattoo shop that they can all go to. Haley then says that she would love to get a matching tattoo with Claire and because she was so caught in the moment, Claire is forced to agree.

While in the shop, Claire and Haley decide to get matching Sanskrit texts that said "mother" for Claire and "daughter" for Haley. After Claire endured her session with a lot of pain, Haley starts to flake and says that a tattoo looks so painful and permanent. Claire starts to freak out and says that Haley should go through with their deal.

Phil arrives with a new car which is their surprise present for Haley. Haley is completely distracted from the tattoo leaving Claire with a tattoo on her ankle and no one to match it with. In the end, Phil sees the silver lining and says that he can get a tattoo for himself now that Claire has one of her own.

"Modern Family' will not be airing new episodes during the Christmas Holidays. The series will resume airing episodes form season 6 on Wednesday, January 7.

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