ABC's 'Modern Family' Cast And Crew
The cast and crew of ABC's "Modern Family" pose on the red carpet of the 2014 EMMY Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters/Mike Blake

This week's episode of ABC's hit comedy series "Modern Family" focused on the American Thanksgiving holiday and the story revolved around the traditional turkey dinner. Over at the Dunphy household, Phil has decided to take over the kitchen to give Claire a break but she didn't trust him enough to pull it off so she decided to make a back-up turkey of her own.

Phil said that he wanted to take over the responsibility of making Thanksgiving dinner so that Claire could relax and enjoy the holiday for the first time. He recalled that she's always exhausted and grumpy by the time she got to the table so he offered to take charge of Thanksgiving dinner this time around. He also enlisted the help of their son Luke and appointed him as his sous chef. Apart from Luke, Phil also downloaded the iPhone app called International Super Chef by Nigella Lawson. The app provided personalised step by step instructions in the sultry chef's voice which Phil enjoyed way too much.

While Claire appreciated Phil's gesture, she just couldn't trust him and she decided to make a back up turkey which she kept in the basement. She kept hovering over Phil and was always reminding him of small details that he might forget.

When Claire was checking on her back-up turkey in the basement, Alex caught her and she had to come clean. Alex, being the responsible child, admitted that she understood why Claire would do such a thing because the rest of the family is always carefree and sometimes reckless and it's always up to the two of them to keep everything in check. The two of them decided to let loose and have more fun like Phil, Luke and Haley. They decided to dig up some of Phil's old inventions and they started playing with them. Phil suddenly walked in on them. As she panicked a little seeing him there and fearing that he might find out about her back-up turkey, Claire knocked out the electricity.

Because the power was out, the family decided to move the entire dinner to Jay and Gloria's house. They didn't know that Jay and Gloria were actually there because their trip to Mexico got cancelled. They were hiding from the family because they wanted to have a stress-free vacation by themselves. When Gloria took out their turkey from the oven to cover their tracks, she accidentally took out Phil's turkey and left Jay's much smaller turkey for Phil to discover.

Jay and Gloria then staged their return saying that their trip got cut short. When Phil discovered the smaller turkey, Gloria was forced to admit that she took the wrong one out of the oven, Claire also got busted while attempting to bring in her back-up turkey and everyone had to own up. In the end, everyone forgave each other and all the three turkeys were eventually eaten.