Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Photo of Mobile Legends loading page. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

A new hero will be joining the other heroes in “Mobile Legends.” The hero’s name is Estes, and fans of the game are given a first look into the upcoming hero.

A video was recently released to showcase the new hero in the hit mobile game. The new hero’s name is said to be Estes and he is also known as an Elf King. This new hero character will come in the next update in the upcoming week. Since the Android version of the game gets updated before the iOS version, Android users will be able to get a first glimpse of the new hero.

Background of the hero

According to the background of the hero, Estes woke up at a night of thunder and lightning. This makes his personality strict but benevolent. He is apparently entitled with the strength that he gets from the sacred moonlight to protest his people while supporting his allies. In the teaser video by the game developers, Estes is shown holding a book. This book is called Code of Moonlight, and he holds it as he swore to repel every enemy that dares to violate his homeland. According to famous “Mobile Legends” YouTube user BluePanda, Estes may be a Support character. However, it is not yet known as the character is not yet released.

Estes skills

Although Estes’ skills still are not known, there are speculations that he will be a support character. According to BluePanda, Estes will be able to link together with one player to heal and in turn get the ability to gain power from that player as well. It is still unknown at this point how to use Estes. However, it is very difficult to understand how to use this upcoming hero until it is released.

As a support character, he may have the ability to link himself through the other players in the game to make them stronger. Fan speculations suggest that Estes will be a Support hero as currently there is only Rafaela in the Support section of heroes in the game.

Release date

Since the last update was done about a couple of weeks ago, players would usually have to wait about a month or so. This means that Estes may be released around April 17 or 18, according to However, this is not yet official. Therefore, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt until an official announcement from the development team has been released.