Tap My Katamari
Promotional image for "Tap My Katamari" Official Tap My Katamari Google Play Page

Coming out much sooner than expected, albeit as a soft launch, is “Tap My Katamari,” a mobile spinoff of the “Katamari Damacy” games that were quite popular during the heyday of the PlayStation 2.

While rolling everything in sight is still possible in the game, fans have no direct control over the said rolling and must tap the screen constantly for The Prince to roll things up.

Endless tapping games have become quite popular as of late, with titles like “Tap Titans” growing in popularity. It’s been an odd phenomenon, and the popularity of the mobile game genre led to this particular spinoff, which might be controversial for some gamers.

An article from Touch Arcade noted how disappointing the move was but appreciated that the trailer kept the quirky tone of the original games. Numerous characters from the series have also returned, like the ball-rolling Prince and the irresponsible King of the Cosmos, whose actions once again lead to the events of the game.

Once the game starts, players have to continuously tap the screen. Doing so will have The Prince roll the ball, letting him pick up a number of strange objects like in typical “Katamari Damacy” games. Players will also be able to pick up coins to upgrade the various abilities and stats of The Prince, which supposedly makes rolling up things easier.

Completing various objectives can lead to rewards from the King of the Cosmos. This has become a regular thing in free-to-play games but can still be rewarding, depending on the prizes. The rewards in this game might be difficult to come up with, considering how the main focus of the game is on tapping the screen and rolling things up in a ball.

As mentioned earlier, this is only a soft launch of the game, so players might face a few issues. Pocket Gamer has confirmed that the soft launch is available in New Zealand, Canada and “many other countries,” including Australia. However, the US is not part of the list, which is odd to say the least.

Still, fans of “Katamari Damacy” might want to check the game out. It is expected to be free to download once it’s officially available, so those in the US don’t have to worry about paying for the game.

Tap My Katamari - Android/IOS - Restore the Universe! (Credit: YouTube/BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)