Miss Uruguay Backs Out From Miss Universe Due to Lack of Support

By @ambi0202 on

Micaela Orsi, who was supposed to represent Miss Uruguay at this year's competition in Moscow, withdrew officially from the contest after revealing the real reasons behind her decision. She published a statement on her personal Facebook page.

Then, she released a statement in Uruguay media clearing up that she decided to quit due to the lack of support from her national director, lack of planning and guidance, and no sponsoring for wardrobe and other prerequisites for a proper participation on the pageant.

Her statement reads (translated):

"Today I want to make public my decision of not participating in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant to be held Nov. 9 in Moscow, Russia.

In February, I was elected Miss Universo Uruguay with the goal of representing my country in this beauty pageant and fulfilling a personal dream. After my crowning, I was told to sign a contract in which Mr. Antonio Vergara, current franchise holder, giving the Miss Universe rights in Uruguay to Mr. Alejandro Gamella.

With any idea about the legal matters surrounding the pageant, I signed the contract just like my fellow contestants.After looking it up with lawyers and the Miss Universe Organization, I found out that this contract was of no value at all, since there is a precedent that franchise rights cannot be given to third parties.

I started my preparation in April in Corozal (Sucre) Colombia, where I stayed at the home of my national director Antonio Vergara. My lodging was not at the standards of the international pageant that I was competing in.

In June, I flew back to Uruguay to see my family, and returned to Colombia with my mother Sep. 19. According to my contract, there were certain proposals that made me uncomfortable and were not in agreement with the education I have received.

Days passed by and I did not get any information about fittings, national costume, evening dress and not even the plane ticket for my trip to Russia.

On Oct. 8 we had a conversation about the situation, since time was running out. After the conversation, my mother and I decided to fly back to Uruguay and not take part in the competition. I want to emphasize that what I have explained in this letter where the cause of a huge deception which ended any aspirations I had regarding this experience.

My commitment with Uruguay was to represent it the best possible way. Since the present conditions did not allow me to do so, I decided to withdraw from this opportunity. I am sorry to let down so many people who supported me during this time, but I could not fool myself into going to a competition without the conditions that my country deserved.

I am not getting the financial support that I had been supposed to get from the beginning. This was the reason I have taken this decision."

Orsi even travelled all the way to New York to meet with officials of the Miss Universe Organization and sort out her issues but had no success. The same happened with Miss World Uruguay. She also withdrew and did not compete in Miss World 2013, in Bali, Indonesia.