The first edition of Miss Grand International concluded its coronation night on Nov. 19 in Bangkok, Thailand by crowning the first ever Miss Grand International Queen. Miss Puerto Rico Janelee Chaparro bested 74 other candidates from all corners of the globe and took home the most coveted crown with a cash prize of US$30,000 and a residence in Thailand's vibrant capital for a year during her reign.

The 22-year-old beauty queen will serve as an ambassador for Miss International Organization and will help promote the pageant's cause, and that is to promote peace and harmony through the pageant's campaign "Stop The War." Chaparro believes that war is not the only violence that people fight every day; the war against child abuse, domestic violence, maltreatment and neglect are the kind wars the people fight in a daily basis.

The 5 candidates were all asked to answer the same question: What would you do to prevent war and global conflict?

Miss Grand International 2013 Janelee Chaparro (Puerto Rico)

Answer: "The most important is to understand that all of us are different but the most important is the love and teach the compassion, and love for everybody that we can work together."

First Runner-up Chantel Martinez (Dominican Republic)

Answer: "Well, we are all humans and we are all make mistakes, we all have different opinions and we all have different point of views. I believe if two countries are at war they should have a representative where they can sit down. I have two weeks here, and I have met 74 amazing girls and I believe that if I could sit down with them and have a conversation and if we do have a disagreement we could talk about it and compromise. I believe everybody in the world could also do that."

Second Runner-up Denisa Paseciakova (Slovak Republic)

Answer: "I don't believe that one person can change the world, but if we join together we can do more and it's never too late to start so let's start now and I hope we can all inspire all people in the world and also authorities to take concrete steps to stop the war and start war preventing activities."

Third Runner-up Ali Forbes (Philippines)

Answer: "Mabuhay, Sawatdee ka Thailand! As a beauty queen, I will use my position to promote the advocacy of Miss Grand International by using various instruments, such as social media, the pageant itself and if necessary, a personal presence to spread the wonderful message of peace by stopping war. And I want to thank...all of the do..donātio?...donator of our country from the last Typhoon Yolanda. Thank you Thailand and to all of the countries who donate to us. Maraming maraming salamat po from the Philippines!"

Fourth Runner-up Kelly Louise Maguire (Australia)

Answer: "Well, personally I know that the war, you know generally speaking is something that is obviously very large and we have world wars, we have civil wars and then there are disagreements between people. So if you break it down to a macro level we can say yes we can all get along but I believe the person who will eventually win Miss Grand International be it one of us very lucky beautiful women apparently they will be the ambassador and the person to be able to speak and to be able to encourage others to attain peace even if they are in conflict zones and ultimately it's something that I think its achievable in the world and I think that is something that we can provide an example for as well. Thank you."