Minecraft Minecon 2016 skins will be out for free. Mojang

“Minecraft” is moving forward with its education plan, thanks to the “Minecraft Education Edition.” Microsoft and Mojang have confirmed that the full version will be available on the Windows Store will be out on Nov. 1.

According to the Windows Blog, the early edition of “Minecraft” has been used by over 35,000 students and teachers worldwide since June 9. And all of those have given some feedback to ensure that “Minecraft Education Edition” will be fine-tuned before its official launch.

Some of the new features that users can expect include the following:

  • Classroom Mode: a companion app to let educators manage world settings, communicate and give students items, and guide students into the Minecraft world.
  • New “Minecraft” game features: the developer has promised that it will bring in more features and games from other editions of the game. For instance, the features in “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition beta” will be included.

Educators can purchase the “Minecraft Education Edition” will be available for US$5 (approx. AU$ 6.6) per user per year, or via a district-wide licensing model.

Mojang has also confirmed that Minecon 2016 skins are coming for free. Announced via the Mojang website, the only catch is that “Minecraft” players must get the skins before Oct. 3 via their respective consoles. For “Minecraft Pocket Edition” and “Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition,” fans have a little more time to download the game. Al the versions already have their respective free downloadable skin pack.

The Minecon 2016 will also include Alex and Steve skins, both of which have Enderman capes. In addition, the skin pack will have four biome-themed adventures, namely the Forest Fighter, the Ice Pioneer, the Mesa Artisan, and Ocean Engineer.

As a final bonus, Mojang is also including last year’s time-limited skins, so it’s really all the more reason to get this particular skin pack.