Minecraft snapshot 16w06a
Mojang has released the "Minecraft" snapshot 16w06a to bring the game closer to a 1.9 pre-release. Mojang

Mojang has released the newest “Minecraft” snapshot 16W06A. The developer confirmed that this snapshot has already taken care of some of the more popular bugs in the build.

This latest build contains a lot of changes and fixes that the developer has finally dealt with. Additionally, Mojang has also stated that the team is close to the release of the next update.

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“We are also getting very close to the first 1.9 pre-release. Please make sure you vote on the most severe bugs in the bug tracker if you want to make sure we look at them before releasing 1.9,” said Mojang in the official blog.

There is quite the long list of changes with the “Minecraft” snapshot 16W06A. Mojang has tweaked the riding mechanics for boats, horses, minecarts and saddle pigs. There is also a change in the elytra texture in that it will now become cape texture as a default when a player owns a cape and the custom texture is not uploaded. Some sounds have either been changed or improved.

The new snapshot also include a lot of bug fixes, like the teleporting between Nether and Overworld and item duplication in multiplayer. For now, the developer is still expecting players to find bugs in the latest snapshot. Best to report them using the link here, which is the bug tracker for “Minecraft” snapshot builds.

Apart from the new snapshot, an update is coming to “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta” and “Minecraft Pocket Edition,” and it will bring the basic redstone components. Over at the Xbox Wire, the developer has announced that there will be more gameplay elements coming to two editions.

In the Overworld Update set to come to this month, the new update will introduce more mechanic contraptions thanks to the redstone. These include repeaters, dispensers, droppers, trapped chests and different Minecarts.

Witches and huts will also be added in the game. The huts can be found in swamps, and cauldrons in the huts will have randomly generated potion that players can get. Cauldrons also have another use, which is to dye the armour in a variety of colours.

The Item Frames feature will allow for displaying loot or mounting maps on the wall. Importing and exporting maps to the “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta” is also now available so that players can easily share worlds with friends.

Finally, those playing on “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta” can enjoy eight new achievements. These will require players to kill a mob while wearing the same mob head, dying all four unique pieces of leather armour, place nine fully explored adjacent maps into nine item frames in a 3 by 3 square and poison a witch using a splash potion. All eight achievements will have a total of 170 Xbox Gamerscore.