The February update in "Destiny" comes with a new event called "Crimson Days." Bungie

The February Update is finally in “Destiny,” and it will paint the Crucible and playlists in crimson red with Crimson Days. Developer Bungie has already deployed the update, and the full changelog of fixes and tweaks is up and ready.

Over at the Bungie blog, the new event has already been announced for go. For an entire week, the Crimson Days event will be ongoing, a treat for partners to get in gear and set out on an adventure with their virtual significant other Guardian.

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Players should note that they should both be at least Level 40 to go to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to get the Crimson Bonds quest. Crimson Doubles is the 2v2 playlist that will require a fireteam of two members, and granted the reward of the special Crimson Doubles bounties for the duration of the event. As mentioned before, in the heart of the season of love, the Heartbroken buff will apply to matches, which activates the moment one team member goes down and boosts the remaining teammates stats and reload time.

Alongside the February Event, the update also introduces a couple of fixes to some notable issues. Specifically these are issues with weapons, armour, Nightfall and King’s Fall Raid activities, Crucible issues with playlists, Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris and a number of maps.

The February Update also brings a new reset for “Destiny” this week. PlayStation and Xbox players can now expect some new changes and another additional event for the game. For this week, the King’s Fall raid challenge mode will be more of a team effort, because of Golgoroth. All six members of the fireteam will have to successfully pass by holding his gaze at least one in the same phase in succession.

Inquisitr has spotted a cool way to do this via a “Destiny” Redditor’s strategy of having a normal single orb with a single gaze holder to do the trick. The gaze will not be lost if the next gaze holder will jump out of the pit before the gaze holder counter runs out.

This will be an eventful week for Bungie players. Not only will there be some lovin’ thanks to the Crimson Days update, but also some sweet rewards for the Weekly Reset.

"Destiny" Crimson Days trailer (Credit: Youtube/wise2400)