U.S. Singer Miley Cyrus Performs During Her Concert At The Ericsson Globe Arena In Stockholm
While Miley Cyrus has never gone to rehab or been arrested for DUI, the former “Hannah Montana” star has been famous for controversial reasons of which include smoking pot on stage, twerking and her scandalous “Bangerz” tour. REUTERS/Maja Suslin/TT News Ag

American singer Miley Cyrus has made a reputation for herself for showing off her talents almost as much as for showing off some skin. In the latest edition of V Magazine, Miley went all out with full frontal nudity in one photo from a series taken during her recently concluded "Bangerz Tour."

Miley showed off her lady bits in a fully naked photo where only bubbles and soap suds were used to cover up her vagina. Her boobs were also fully exposed with just a few suds spread across them. She had some bubbles on her face as well as she was giving a tight-lipped smile to the camera.

According to E News, the said photo was captured in Polaroid and is part of a set of photos taken from around the world during Miley's "Bangerz Tour." The revealing photos were taken behind the scenes during the tour, which also provided more than its fair share of controversial images on stage.

"@vmagazine exclusive;#diaryofadirtyhippie;order yurrrr copy nowwwww cumzzzz w ol school pull out postahhhh photography by;@cheythom;f**k yaaaas weez a bunch of happy hippies ova hurrrr! ❤ Muah Vfam!" said Miley as she posted a photo of the pull-out featuring her full frontal nakedness as well as the magazine spread that showed off the rest of the photos in the series.

The person behind the camera was apparently Miley's close friend Cheyne Thomas who travelled with her during her tour. The two of them have decided to dub the series "diary of a dirty hippie." Many of the photos showed Miley with only her underwear on and striking sexually provocative poses. Many others exposed her breasts and varying levels of nakedness, from partial to completely naked. Thomas himself shared some photos on his Instagram page but was disappointed when they were taken down after some people presumably reported them. In one of the posts that were left on his site, he had some nasty words for the people who reported the photos and urged them to grab a copy of the magazine, roll it up and sit on it. The magazine is set to hit the stands on Friday, Jan. 16.

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