Mile 22
A poster of the film "Mile 22." Mile 22/Facebook

A new action-packed trailer of “Mile 22” has been released online. The video shows Mark Wahlberg as the CIA agent tasked with escorting a man through dangerous territory to an extraction point.

Wahlberg is back doing what he does best. He’s calm and collected as he takes on the bad guys. With guns blazing, the CIA operative manoeuvres his way through a hostile situation in his car in the trailer [see below].

The plot is mainly focussed on the CIA operative escorting a man who has vital information. He is assisted by a top-secret tactical command team, according to the official synopsis of the film.

The man Wahlberg’s character has to escort to the extraction point is actually a trained asset. The trailer shows Iko Uwais pulling off some exciting kung-fu moves as Li Noor.

Li Noor is a member of the local special forces of a country that has plans to attack the US. He has information of an imminent attack by his “evil government.” His only condition to reveal everything he knows is to be taken out of the country safely.

Apart from Wahlberg’s character and the special forces guy Li Noor, the one person to watch in the film is Lauren Cohan’s Alice. After making her mark in the highly popular “The Walking Dead” TV series, Cohan is playing a powerful new character in the upcoming film.

Alice is just as strong as the protagonist of the film, and this stated by Wahlber’s character in the trailer. The video certainly shows that the heroes and the villains are holding back any punches in the gritty action sequences that include both the gunfights and the hand-to-hand combat.

“Mile 22” has been directed by Peter Berg, who previously directed movies like “Lone Survivor” and “Patriots Day.” The film is set to be released on Aug. 23 in Australia.

Credit: Mile 22/Facebook