IN PHOTO Actress Mila Kunis poses for photographers at the European premier of Oz: The Great and Powerful in London February 28, 2013. REUTERS/Neil Hall

Mila Kunis stole a chicken named “doggie” from her childhood friend. Kristina Karo, a Ukrainian singer filed a lawsuit claiming emotional distress, allegedly caused by this incident which occurred 25 years ago.

Kristina Karo claimed that Kunis stole her chicken when both were first graders living in Ukraine. She alleges that the “Jupiter Ascending” actress was envious of her pet. Apparently Kunis confessed to her crime saying, “Kristina You can have the whole chicken farm but not doggie.” After this incident Karo and Kunis went on their separate ways. But when Karo recently moved to Los Angeles and saw Kunis it brought back the memories. She needed therapy sessions to get over this incident and is suing Kunis $5000 in the Los Angeles Small Claims Court to cover the expenses.

According to Huffington Post, Mila Kunis and her partner Ashton Kutcher are reportedly miffed by this report. Both of them have released a video discrediting Karo’s claims. Kutcher refers to her claims as “clucked up” and asks journalists to check the facts before reporting the incident. In the video the Kunis describes her feeling as devastated and says “I am devastated and I was weeping thinking which chicken did I steal.”

Kristina Karo in her allegations repeatedly got mixed up with the chicken’s gender and also her own age. But her agent said that she had sarcastically claimed to be nineteen during the interview and the gender of the chicken also was not an issue. Kunis but pointed out that it was extreme coincidence that Karo’s new music video was released and she came up with these allegations after a gap of 25 years. Ironically Karo’s video is titled “Give me a Green Card.” Kunis said that she would counter sue Karo for making her watch the video and Ashton Kutcher defending his fiancé signed off the video “no green card for you.”

It is not the first time that celebrities have been dragged to court for bizarre claims. The “Black Swan” actress is all scheduled to marry Ashton Kutcher and gave birth to their daughter Wyatt Isabelle last year.

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