Microsoft Surface
Pupils of Berlin's Hausburg European school use a Microsoft Surface multi-touch computer in a digital classroom at the Microsoft stand during a presentation at the CeBIT exhibition centre in Hanover, March 1, 2010. Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch

If users are in search of the ideal PC, creative or professional, or want a device that is capable of performing tasks beyond the capacity of traditional hardware, they may not look beyond the Surface devices. Be it the Surface Pro, Surface Studio, Surface Book or the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone, these devices are highly advanced systems of today.

Rumours about the Surface Phone have been making rounds for a while now. However, there has been no official announcement on Microsoft’s behalf. Even if such a device is in the making, no one knows when the device will be released. There is little consensus on how the device will look, its hardware and software configuration and the features it will offer. While a patent filing kicked up a storm as it hinted at a foldable display, fresh rumours suggest the foldable display could be for another Windows Phone that Microsoft will release before the Surface Phone.

Newer patents recently spotted all show multiple small screens folding to form a seamless display. Top tech companies file numerous patents every now and then, but most hardly see the light of day. However, when the Surface Phone hits stores sometime in the future, it will surely be a revolutionary device. It will break the jinx on Windows phones that up to now have not been able to win hearts. The handset will most likely come with Windows 10, if it is released before Microsoft releases another operating system.

Tech experts believe that the HP Elite x3 is the perfect reference point right now for the Surface Phone, writes LearnBonds. The HP device is Windows-enabled and has a PC-type capacity. Microsoft’s device partners have always been a great reference point for the company’s future devices. Up to now, there have been exciting renders, sourced design filings, leaks, expert comments and whatnot, all pointing to a Windows Phone from Microsoft. Microsoft Surface devices always offer something new and fresh.

These devices are a renewed take on what business and personal gadgets must essentially offer. CEO Satya Nadella is upbeat about his company’s smartphone ambitions. Even though the Surface Pone may not be unveiled anytime soon, when it does, it may very well defy the norms and trends set by current smartphone leaders. There is big possibility that Microsoft will release a new range of Surface Phones in near future. Nadella also said earlier that these smartphones will focus more on what users actually use.

The idea is not give users what will sell most. Stay tuned on IBTimes Australia for more updates on the Microsoft Surface Phone and other Surface devices.