Windows 10
A Microsoft delegate checks applications on a smartphone during the launch of the Windows 10 operating system in Kenya's capital Nairobi, July 29, 2015. Reuters/Thomas Mukoya

Tech experts believe Microsoft must add a smartphone to its Surface universe as most of the Surface devices have been a hit. Fans want to see the Microsoft Surface Phone that CEO Satya Nadella had described as the ultimate mobile device.

Microsoft Surface devices are considered shades of innovation that has appealed because of their premium tech, defying ordinary conventions. The devices appeal to both personal and business consumers alike as they are fresh and offer what business and personal devices should offer. Anyone looking for a creative as well as business computer may not look beyond Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Studio. Microsoft Windows and Lumia supporters are now waiting for the phone.

The Redmond tech giant continues to fail on the smartphone front despite the magnanimity of the Windows platform. The Microsoft Surface Phone will be like a handset salvation for the company. It is expected to be as powerful as a home computer. Desktop-like power at the hands of a user is no small thing. However, certain reports claim that the device has been further delayed and may not see light of the day until 2019, though a late 2018 release is also a possibility.

This may seem frustrating, but there are whispers that another Windows Phone is already being developed by Microsoft and it will be released this year. It will be a new variant of the Lumia range. However, certain experts are of the opinion that it is too late for the Surface Phone to succeed. With Android and iOS commanding the market, there is very little love left for Windows as a mobile platform. Although a Windows 10 mobile has its share of avid fans, it is nothing compared to the multitude of Android and iOS fans.

Without mass appeal, it is impossible for anything to survive in this market of cutthroat competition. Even BlackBerry OS failed and the company was forced to give in to Android. Windows OS bombed in the smartphone category due to a lack of apps, writes Learn Bonds. Unless Microsoft fixes this problem now, there will be few takers left for a Windows Phone, as most will switch over to Android or iOS. Success of the Microsoft Surface Phone depends majorly on the entire Windows ecosystem.

It cannot be sold as just a smartphone using the Windows platform. Microsoft needs developers who would first help establish a heavy-duty, high-performance ecosystem and then release the smartphone in the market. The Surface Phone will be like a PC in the pocket.