Microsoft Windows
IN PHOTO: Microsoft Corp's Ashley Frank talks about Windows 10 at the annual shareholders' meeting in Bellevue, Washington December 3, 2014. Reuters/Jason Redmond

The Windows 10 is ready to roll out to PCs next week. It is said to bring a slew of new features, one of which has been postponed and will not be available at launch.

One of the most anticipated features of the new operating system has been cut for release at launch date. The postponed feature will give users the chance to install applications on the SD card, saving up internal storage space. Microsoft has confirmed its postponement but it said that it will come at a later date, which is yet to be specified.

"We have actually made the decision to postpone the apps on SD functionality to a later release," Microsoft explains. The statement further reads, "While I know this feature excited many of us, we didn't feel like it was ready for prime time. Our goal is to delight users with everything that we build, and we truly feel that that is what will happen once we have fully built our vision for this feature."

Although Microsoft has yet to provide a specific timeframe for when the feature will become available, it could arrive with Threshold Wave 2 in October. The company could add the install-apps-to-SD option when it releases the Windows 10 desktop version of its Skype. Microsoft has not backed out in this new feature which will be helpful for users as it will allow them to purchase devices with less internal storage at lower prices, and expand the space via external memory cards.

This postponement of Window’s 10 most anticipated features, could affect the new OS’s appeal at launch. Consumers who were planning on a buying a lower-capacity Windows tablet, for example, will not be able to install apps on SD immediately upon release, which could halt them to postpone their purchase, according to Tech Times. Users could wait for the availability of the postponed feature before buying Windows 10 products.

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