A technician adjusts a spotlight at the exhibition stand of Microsoft in preparation for the CeBIT computer fair in the northern German town of Hanover March 12, 2007. Reuters/Christian Charisus

Ahead of its official launch on July 29, Microsoft is delivering final versions to Windows 10. The company is detaching the preview tag from its Office for Windows 10 apps and marked it ready for public consumption. Since the latest Office for Windows 10 apps are no longer in the preview and are likely to be finalised.

Microsoft is taking the service approach and plans to eventually update and upgrade with time. Windows 10 apps will evolve over time with new features. The company plans to release bug free products and will be improving all overall product experience through regular updates of the operating system and associated apps, reports The Verge.

Today users can download and start using Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the current Windows 10 Store. The Office for Windows 10 apps are demarcated as ‘Mobile’ apps. But they will also be available to use on PCs and tablets. Microsoft's Office for Windows 10 apps include Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and OneNote as reported by The Verge. For basic editing and authoring purposes they are perfect. Microsoft has also integrated OneDrive for editing documents from the cloud.

As reported by ZDNet, Microsoft has released Build 10240 for Windows Insides (in Fast and Low rings). It is considered to be the final release for manufacturing (RTM) milestone with Windows PCs which will help PC makers to start loading the software on new machines. But the new PCs with the software will be available only after few weeks of the official launch. As a part of the marketing campaign Microsoft is now trying to convince existing owners to upgrade to Windows 10.

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