‘The Mentalist’ Series Finale Recap, Review: Bruno Heller Says Happy Ending Is ‘Thank You’ To Audience (Spoilers)

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“The Mentalist” Season 7 Episodes 12 and 13 aired back-to-back on Feb. 18 on CBS. The 2-parter is the show’s series finale, a happy ending for the avid viewers. Series creator Bruno Heller said the joyful events in the final TV moments of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) are dedicated to the audience.

Spoiler alert: This review recaps the highlights of “The Mentalist” series finale. Read on at your own risk.

Titled “Brown Shag Carpet,” the first part of “The Mentalist” finale tackles the case of a mad serial killer who believes in psychics. Showrunner Tom Szentgyorgyi wrote the episode, which was directed by Geary McLeod. The episode is tight both in dialogue and sequences, allowing the audience to appreciate more suspense and thrill before the big farewell.

Patrick Jane is taken by another mad serial killer, but he saves himself with an explosion. Teresa Lisbon gets to the scene just in time, terrified, asking Jane not to scare her again. “The Mentalist” Season 7 Episode 12 is a preview of what happens next to the characters, most of which would have to unfold in the viewer’s imagination.

“The Mentalist” Season 7 Episode 13, titled “White Orchids” is about a vengeful villain and a wedding. Jane reveals what his old wedding ring means to him, and it turns out Teresa is largely part of the reason he’s still wearing it. Jane proposes to Lisbon and they start planning a private wedding.

The serial killer from Episode 12 learns about Jane’s wedding and hunts down the mentalist. Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) and Dennis Abott (Rockmond Dunbar) refuse to consider postponing the wedding, saying they’re FBI and they should capture the killer.

“The Mentalist” Season 7 Episode 13 was written by Heller, Tom Szentgyorgyi, and Jordan Harper. Long-time series director Chris Long kept everything simple but memorable. The characters get their moments, the wedding happens, and the villain is captured.

“It was a thank you to the audience and a recognition that the romance between Jane and Lisbon that organically grew out of the relationship between Robin and Simon. It was a natural direction that I certainly never considered for the show when we first started – it just grew,” Bruno Heller described the finale to ET Online.

At the very end, viewers learned that Lisbon is pregnant. There is no decision on whether Jane would continue working for the FBI, but this allows for more material for the fans’ imagination.

 “The Mentalist” series finale is a stark contrast to where things began in the pilot episode, where Robin Tunney’s Lisbon is kicking out Patrick Jane from a crime scene. Fans of the Jane-Lisbon romance (they call them Jisbon) couldn’t be unhappy with the way things end for these characters.

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