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"The Mentalist" Season 7, Episode 4 airs Dec. 21, Sunday, on CBS. This week's new episode brings the series closer to its ending, but it also carries with it more treats for the avid viewers. Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is Patrick Jane (Simon Baker)'s "psychic sidekick" in the promo clip released by the network.

Spoiler alert: This update contains The Mentalist Season 7 spoilers.

In The Mentalist 7x4, Patrick Jane gets sick, but he wouldn't simply go home despite instructions from FBI Agent Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar). Instead, he stays in his FBI couch and instructs his girlfriend Teresa in solving the crime of the week.

Jisbon shippers have a lot of reasons to celebrate the final season of The Mentalist. Series creator Bruno Heller has called Season 7 the show's "encore," but the previous episodes have mostly been "Jisbon encore." This week's new episode is another one of those romantic specials.

Jisbon, however, has not been open about their relationship. The only character to whom Jane and Lisbon have spoken openly about their new couple status is Lisbon's ex, FBI Agent Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal). Their awkward conversation takes place toward the end of The Mentalist Season 7, Episode 1.

Meanwhile, viewers who do not care about the romance in the cons and crimes series are hoping to see some more unforgettable crimes and villains before The Mentalist takes a bow on CBS.

"Jane has a head cold, so he stays in the office and instructs his coworkers on a homicide case, which is connected to a counterfeit diamond operation. Meanwhile, Abbott fears a misdeed in his past could prevent his wife from getting a promotion," reads the episode synopsis of The Mentalist Season 7, Episode 4 on

Titled "Black Market," this week's new episode will also take the spotlight on Abbott, who has mentioned to Jane in a previous episode that his wife is up for promotion.

The Mentalist Season 7, Episode 4 Promo Clip | CBS on YouTube


The Mentalist airs Sundays until end of 2014 on CBS. "The Good Wife" will take its slot back in 2015, after which Patrick Jane and company move to Wednesday programming.

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