Sarah Finn, the woman who pushed acting superintendent Steven Cooper in full view of the news camera during the Melbourne Cup 2015, is finally getting the attention she asked for. However, not in the way she expected as reports surfaced she will be charged for assaulting the senior police officer.

A shot at a few minutes of fame could put the 25-year old in jail. A Victoria Police spokeswoman told that Finn will be charged for her misdemeanour during the Melbourne Cup.

“She’ll be charged with assault and damage because during the push she broke a pair of glasses,” the spokeswoman said, adding that Finn will be given a summons to appear in court for assaulting Cooper.

On his end, Cooper said he didn’t get hurt after he was pushed since he had a “soft fall." However, he too admitted that he certainly doesn't condone Finn's behaviour at the event.

Talking to 3AW Radio on Wednesday about the incident, Cooper said the only thing that hurts is his pride because he’s been “copping it from mates from all over the world” after the video went viral. Cooper also recalled the events leading up to the push.

“She was amongst the other group of journalists and I thought she was just one of the journalists approaching me to say 'we're ready to go' or something along those lines, and I completely wasn't paying attention. Next thing I know, she whacked me in the chest and I was caught off balance and over I went,” he said in a report from The Telegraph.

The acting superintendent was supposedly about to give an update on the behaviour of the crowd at the Melbourne Cup. However, instead of making the news he ended up being the news. TV crews reportedly claimed Finn was asking for her “five minutes of fame” and had asked what she needed to do to get on the news.

However, Channel 7 cameramen Will Pristel, who captured the incident at the Melbourne Cup, insisted that he had not asked Finn to push Cooper. Herald Sun reports that Pristel admitted that he too was caught by surprise since he initially thought that she was just going for a kiss or a hug.

Source:YouTube/ABC99 News

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