Meet Jane Gray, Australia's Oldest Living Person At 112

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Australia is so blessed to have the oldest living person alive at the grand age of 112. Her name is Jane Gray. Are you interested to know some tips how to live a long and happy life from this Australian woman?

Yahoo News Australia wrote that a special party was organized to celebrate her birthday in Smithfield, Sydney. When asked about her secret to living more than a hundred years old, she simply said it's about drinking water. It was interesting how she noted that she never was in any kind of diet plan but her daughter believed it's her mother's sense of humor that made her live long.

(Video Credit: YouTube/7NEWS)

Her family and friends helped in the party preparation at her nursing home. Gray has witnessed two World Wars, the start of the Internet era and the supremacy of all Australian Prime Ministers. She even experienced the notoriously famous scarlet fever back then.

However, the centenarian may be the oldest Aussie in Down Under but a Japanese woman holds the current title for being the oldest person in the world at age 115.

Meanwhile, Listverse made an article citing the oldest people ever who made it to their top 10 list. Here goes the list:

1. Jeanne Calment, 1875-1997, 122 years old

2. Shigechiyo Izumi, 1865-1986, 120 years old

3. Sarah Knauss, 1880-1999, 119 years old

4. Lucy Hannah, 1875-1993, 117 years old

5. Marie-Louise Meilleur, 1880-1998, 117 years old

6. Maria Esther Heredia de Capovilla, 1889-2006, 116 years

7. Tane Ikai, 1879-1995, 116 years

8. Elizabeth Bolden, 1890-2006, 116 years

9. Carrie C. White, 1974-1991, 116 years

10. Kamato Hongo, 1887-2003, 116 years

During this time, do you wish to last long beyond a hundred years old?