‘MasterChef US’ Season 7 finale recap: Shaun O’Neale’s ‘f---ing delicious’ tart seals his victory; three-course challenge stumps top 3 [VIDEOS]

Las Vegas DJ may ditch his music mixer for kitchen tools
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Shaun O'Neale
Las Vegas DJ Shaun O'Neale was recently announced as the winner of "MasterChef US" Season 7. YouTube/Fox

“MasterChef US” has finally named a winner for season 7, and as many have predicted, it’s the 33-year-old Las Vegas DJ Shaun O’Neale. His dessert, which may have ensured his triumph over the other two finalists, was as sweet as the prizes he took home: this year’s title, a cookbook deal and a whopping US$250,000 (AU$327,000).

A three-course challenge catapulted Shaun to victory, besting school teacher Brandi Mudd and professional poker player David Williams. In the two-part finale, Shaun managed to impress Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi, as well as guest chefs Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud.

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Prior to the ultimate culinary battle, the three finalists -- a first in the cooking competition's history -- were sent back to their respective homes to work on their menus. They then headed back to the “MasterChef US” kitchen, where they learned that they had to prepare a three-course meal for the judges. The remaining contestants cracked on and proceeded to cook their hearts out, and everyone was considerably in their element with only one mission: to win.

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Things certainly didn’t start well for Shaun – he managed to rub the judges the wrong way as he was defending his entrée. When he served his halibut cheek with Vadouvan carrot puree, pickled mushrooms and uni foam, the judges didn’t hold back their criticisms. Shaun made the mistake of practically insulting French cuisine when he said that American cooking is not as strict in rules as the former. Daniel, however, put Shaun in his place and said that French cooking is all about respecting the ingredients. When Shaun pickled a morel mushroom, he disrespected the ingredient – and Gordon agreed.

Shaun was able to redeem himself in the main course, when he served a highly conceptual dish: spice-rubbed venison with Cipollini onions, smoked plums, black truffle, and fiddlehead ferns. The judges absolutely loved it, and Gordon even commented that he finds something new in every bite. Christina, on the other hand, reckoned his dish was “dream-like.” She also appreciated Shaun’s ability to take criticisms to heart to improve himself.

With his new-found confidence, Shaun unleashed his last ammunition: salted caramel tart with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry coulis . While the dish was relatively simple, it received what could have been the highest compliment in Gordon’s standards: the celebrity chef called it “f---ing delicious.”

At the end of the highly emotional kitchen battle, the judges declared Shaun as this year’s winner in “MasterChef US.” Feeling high with his victory, he claimed he may change careers soon and shift his focus to the kitchen for good.

Here’s a quick flashback of the most memorable highlights of “MasterChef US” Season 7.

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