The cutest cooking show on the planet returns to FOX. Season 4 of “MasterChef Junior” welcomes judge Christina Tosi for the first time. She comes in alongside Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot to judge 24 of America’s greatest young cooks.

After a nationwide search, the next generation of the country’s top chefs compete to become America’s next "MasterChef Junior." Apart from the title, the 24 contestants also stand a chance to bring home a cash prize of $142,000 (US $ 100,000).

The contestants come from 12 states across America and are all only between the ages of 8-13. “They’re so tiny. Look at them!” Tosi said. The cuteness overflows, when the kids bust open a giant piñata shaped in the form of Gordon Ramsay’s head. Inside, they found their aprons and they headed into their first Mystery Box Challenge.

The young home cooks all found an empty burger bun inside the Mystery Box. The judges told them to create a signature burger dish with one side. The contestants got their heads in the game and show off their talents.

The kids came up with burgers with tastes that were inspired by cuisines from across America and around the world. In the end, Kaya’s Wagyu burger blew the judges away. Originally from Hong Kong, she compliments her burger with apple fries and truly brings her Asian roots into the MasterChef Kitchen.

Eight-year-old Kaya is exempted from the elimination challenge and she chose Vivian to join her in the balcony. They enjoyed eating some sweet treats from Christina Tosi’s kitchen, as the other 22 contestants battled it out in the elimination round.

The young cooks were given marshmallows as their star ingredient. They each needed to use the sweet treat to make their own innovative dessert. Addison, Sam and Jesse came out with the three best dishes of the evening.

Nine-year-old Addison made a chocolate-marshmallow cupcake with cereal and chocolate ganache topping. The cupcake is gooey, rich and moist. Gordon tells Christina that Addison would most certainly challenge her title as the best baker in America, if the young cook keeps baking this way.

Sam is 10 years old, and he made some gorgeous “Whoopie Pies” with raspberry marshmallow cream and chocolate cookie batter. Jesse, on the other hand, created perfectly fried marshmallow churros with toasted marshmallow whipped cream.

Meanwhile, the judges had to pick the worst dishes of the evening. Ian, Alexander and Kade were called out as the bottom three. Ian’s undercooked apple crostata, accompanied by burnt marshmallows, put him in the bottom three. Luckily for him, the other two kids had done worse.

Alexander knew as soon as he presented his dish that he had messed up. He broke down in tears and told Christina that he’s done the worst presentation. His marshmallow pie with banana and graham cracker crust indeed looked like a mess and it was enough to send him home.

Kade also ended his “MasterChef Junior” journey with his banana split. He torched his marshmallows to the point where Gordon said they look cremated. In the end, the two contestants returned their aprons and went home.

Twenty-two contestants remain and they will continue their journey into becoming America’s next “MasterChef Junior,” next Friday at 8:00 pm ET on FOX. See the full list of contestants and their profile in the official “MasterChef Junior” website.

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