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The trial of the game “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is being picked on due to its animation. Those who have tried the game trial have commented on the lack of emotions of game characters.

At the beginning of 2017, Bioware released an early version of “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” Those who were able to play it commented on the fact that the protagonist lacked facial expressions. After these comments were heard, Bioware defended its game by saying that there was a “facial performance bug” that they needed to “remove” and “improve” in the game.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' game trial

The “Mass Effect: Andromeda” game trial has been widely released since the earlier version of the game. However, it seems that Bioware has not fixed the problem the users’ problems with the facial expressions. According to a Twitter user with the handle @Nibellion, the game should be called “Mass Effect: Androids” instead of the original name due to the lack of emotions. (See tweet below.)

Beyond the comments that are against the game’s characters’ emotionless face, a Kotaku writer says that the lack of emotions does not affect gameplay. In addition to this, the awkward emotions of the characters’ faces only take a few weird moments. However, some say that they have also encountered awkward movements or weird walking animations.

Developers may have spent more effort in the aliens

According to a Kotaku writer, the details of the scenery and surroundings are actually better than the characters. However, the writer comments that the aliens in the game are also impressive. This may show that the developers have spent more time improving the rest of the game features instead of the characters that players will use.

Available for preorder

Those who want a first look into the game can play is online through the game’s Mass Effect website. The game is currently available for preorder in the site as well. It will be released on March 21. The game will be available for users of Xbox One or Origin Access on PC.

The website also offers recruits for the Andromeda Initiative. This will require players to sign up to their project wherein they can receive information about critical mission information, special training opportunities, and will also be eligible for reward upon program completion. Those who have registered will be the first ones to try out any new things that come into the game before and after its release on March 21.