Horizon Zero Dawn
Those who have already pre-ordered “Horizon Zero Dawn” can now preload the action RPG. The game is Sony’s next big PS4 exclusive and it’s arriving in the US on Feb. 28 and Europe on March 1. The file size is reportedly 39.485GB. Facebook/Horizon Zero Dawn

“Horizon Zero Dawn” players who have not found all of the 23 grazer dummies are looking for them. Some of them are very difficult to find since they are scattered around the Nora Islands.

Amidst the instructions “Horizon Zero Dawn” provides its players, there are some achievements that can become difficult. One achievement is knocking down 23 graze dummies. This guide will show players where the 23 grazer dummies are located to be able to complete the quest.

There are certainly no tricks and tips required to find and knock down the 23 grazer dummies. These dummies also are not hidden, but they are far apart from one another. They are scattered around the Nora Island and may be too much work for some people. Furthermore, there is no exceptional prize for completing this achievement.

7 grazer dummies

Seven grazer dummies can be found around Rost and Aloy’s house. Two of them are near the bonfire while three of them are by the gate, which is located south of the bonfire. Another grazer dummy is in front of the house. The last one is on the ledge, but this requires you to drop down to the north of the house.

10 grazer dummies

Two more grazer dummies can be found at Mother’s Heart. This is located east-northeast of Rost and Aloy’s house. When you are at Mother’s Heart, there is a dummy by the bonfire in the south. The next is behind the house, which is northeast in respect to the bonfire.

Two more grazer dummies are located at Mother’s Watch. In respect to Rost and Aloy’s house, this is south-southeast, but south of players use Mother’s Heart as a guide. When at Mother’s Watch, two dummies will be right outside the north wall. It will be in between the bonfire, the merchant and the wall. The dummies will be on either side of the wall.

At Mother’s Cradle, which is east of Mother’s Watch, there will be two dummies. One is at the southeast corner of the settlement. It is also behind a house. The other dummy is located just right outside Mother’s Cradle settlement. The player has to go to the road on the southern edge of the town then head east going to the Southern Embrace Gate. While going there, there will be a forked road with a house. The dummy will be near that house.

After knocking down the 13th dummy, go north towards the eastern side of the mountains. It is east as it is directly east of Mother’s Heart. This area is called Mother’s Rise. One dummy will be behind the bonfire, and the other one will be at the north side of the settlement near the meat racks.

After Mother’s Rise, make your way to Nora Hunting Ground where two dummies will be located. The two dummies are both on the south side of the house in the area.

Last 6 grazer dummies

The last six dummies can be found in Devil’s Thirst Camp, Mother’s Crown, Hunter’s Gathering and Two Teeth. First off is Devil’s Thirst Camp. Before getting to the camp, players will have to pass by the ruins. There is only one dummy in this area and it is located just inside the gate of the southeast corner of the camp site.

Two more dummies are found in Mother’s crown which is located inside the gate of the northwest corner of the area. Another two dummies are found in Hunter’s Gathering settlement area. One is northwest of the bonfire near the Banuk painting. The other one is located north of the bonfire near the tents.

The last grazer dummy is in Two-Teeth Bandit Camp. It is located on the north side part of the camp near the cliff. This dummy might be a little hard to find, but it is in a corner with a little shed.