Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon joins other Marvel characters in the upcoming "Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite." YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

The “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite” characters roster now has a new addition from Marvel’s side: Rocket Raccoon, whom some fans may be familiar with thanks to the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film franchise from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The reveal came from the game’s official Twitter account which posted a video showing the character in action. Rocket Raccoon was also accompanied by another beloved “Guardians” character in the form of Groot, who assisted Rocket Raccoon in his fight against Marvel antagonist, Ultron.

Rocket Raccoon’s addition to the game’s lineup further fortifies Marvel’s side of the story. According to PCGamer, this also reinforces the prospect of the upcoming title placing more focus on the MCU, thus placing the X-Men mutants in the backseat. This is a noteworthy venture, considering the whole “Marvel vs Capcom” saga first began with the X-Men and “Street Fighter” characters. Other familiar faces from the MCU who will be joining the game’s cast include Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk.

Despite this, the game’s producer, Mike Evans, was clear to point out that “Infinite” will not be taking after the MCU. “It’s not based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” Evans told Metro. “We take a lot of inspiration from the cinematic universe, but the game is a completely original universe.”

Furthermore, “Infinite” will be focusing a lot more on story with the exploration of the origins behind the “Marvel vs Capcom” universe and the conflict between the two franchises. “For the first time now we’re going to tell this story, explaining how the worlds came together,” Evans said to Eurogamer. “We’re trying to push it away from its predecessors. We’re keeping the DNA of the vs. series, like the air combos, but at the same time creating something unique and original.”

Previously, the game revealed footage of in-game fights featuring tag teams that had Capcom characters and Marvel characters working together. This included tandems with the likes of Chris Redfield with Hawkeye, Chun-Li with Hulk, and Thor with Strider Hiryu.

Pre-order bonuses and special editions for “Infinite” were detailed prior, giving fans a look into what packages they can get their hands on. The available editions include the Standard Edition ($80), Deluxe Edition ($120) and Collector’s Edition ($267). The game will be available by September for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Catch Rocket Raccoon — with Groot in tow — in action in the footage below:

Source: Twitter/marvelvscapcom