Mars Curiosity Rover Photos: UFO Hunter Spots Strange 'Ruins,' 'Missile' [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

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Mars Curiosity rover photos have drawn much attention from space science enthusiasts and UFO observers. The latest "structures" include rock formations seen as some ruins and some kind of missile. But who knows - could these image interpretations be merely a result of rich and playful imagination?

In the past, a rodent, a flower and some shiny object (among others) have been discussed in forum sites and video channels related to Mars Curiosity rover. Images of these things have been reportedly spotted in rover photos. NASA, however, maintains no life or anthropological evidence has been scientifically found on Mars to date.

Scroll down to watch a video clip scanning an image taken by the rover Curiosity on Mars.

"I was looking through Mars Curiosity photos and spotted two strange things in one photo! The first object is what appears to be a structure, like a house or maybe some type of ruins and the second object looks like a missile or some other type of metallic object," writes YouTube user jasoningersoll on his video description.

"These two objects appear to be very strange and could possible (sic) be signs that mars once supported life. Or currently supports life," he added. The UFO hunter provided this link to the original NASA image.

One comment left on the YouTube page of the video sees a different structure: "Planet Of The Apes monument or statue 0:04."

The commenter is referring to what seems like a rock formation that takes the shape of a human head. The protruding forehead-like part of the rock encourages willing interpreters to see the image of a (giant) creature's head.

'Start' the slideshow to see other objects seen by observers - including UFO hunters and E.T. hopefuls - in Mars Curiosity rover photos. How would you interpret these images?

VIDEO: 'Strange Structure and Missile Shaped Object in Mars Curiosity Photo!'

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