'Married at First Sight': Jesse Konstantinoff's letter to Michelle Marsh caused Twitter outbreaks
Photo of Jesse and Michelle on Valentine's Day at McMahon's fruit and vegetables store. Instagram/jesse_konstantinoff

Reports have been abound on the Internet, saying that “Married at First Sight’s” Michelle Marsh is currently eyeing a love interest apart from her television husband, Jesse Konstantinoff. This buzz has been going around for almost two weeks now and fans are eager to know the real deal between the two reality series actors and their so-called married life.

Upon hearing these unconfirmed allegations, “Married at First Sight” Jesse Konstantinoff came to the rescue to defend his partner. The reality television actor has apparently appeared to set the record straight on Feb. 21 with a selfie photo of him and his wife all the way from Western Australia's Cottesloe Beach.

The couple apparently is doing very well in the photo that was taken by Jesse himself. Michelle’s husband proudly posted the photo of them together, all tanned and enjoying the beach. Included in the photo is a caption that states “Here's my new tan..... don't think it's too bad but not sure if I'd put myself through that again haha.” The photo can be found posted on Jesse’s Instagram account (see bottom of article).

Furthermore, Jesse also proudly stated that he allowed his wife, Michelle, to give him a tan. He was also coaxed by his partner to wear a white g-string while he is getting tanned. Jesse stated that he would do it (tanning himself) to make his wife happy and that although he hated the whole process, he still did it and is a good sport about it.

Apparently, the whole reason behind the abovementioned accusation was due to a photo posted on the Internet. The rumoured photo is of Michelle Marsh being a bit too comfortable with Premier Colin Barnett’s son, Sam Barnett.

The image, which was deleted from Instagram just about two weeks ago showed Michelle and Sam being very fond of each other’s company. Michelle seems to be flaunting off her beach-ready body while she is eating a piece of fruit.

She is joined by Sam as he rests his arm comfortably around the reality actress’ waist. Both of them seem to be enjoying each other's company as they sit really close to each other. The actress and Perth property investor seemed to be enjoying the waters with huge yachts in the background which can possibly assume that they are in a yacht as well.

Fans can keep up to date with the Michelle and Jesse romance by continuously watching “Married at First Sight” on Nine network. The show airs every day, except for Fridays, with different time schedules. The daily schedules can be found in this “ Married at First Sight” TV show guide.