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'Foxcatcher' is not going down well with Mark Schultz. The recent turn of events showed that the former wrestler has backtracked his earlier praises about the movie and has posted angry Twitter rants condemning the story and its treatment. The posts, however, were deleted afterwards.

'Foxcatcher' is a biographical drama based on the true events that transpired in the lives of Mark Schultz, his slain brother, Dave, and his wealthy sponsor, John du Pont. Schultz's part is played by Channing Tatum. The movie was produced and co-directed by Bennett Miller.

Schultz went on a Twitter rampage as he expressed his anger over the way his character has been portrayed in the movie. According to recent reports from New York Daily, the 54-year-old former wrestler had condemned the movie and raised serious allegations against its director Miller for allegedly distorting the facts.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Schultz has pointed out that the movie is implying that he had sexual relations with Pont, which he found extremely "sickening and insulting". Apart from that, Schultz had come down heavily on Miller and Tatum. "You crossed the line Miller. We're done. You're (sic) career is over. You think I can't do it. Watch me," said Schultz in a now-deleted angry Twitter post.

According to recent updates, Schultz has now apologised for his harsh words. "I apologize for the harshness of my language, but I am firm in where I stand,” says the famed wrestler in a recent Facebook post. His earlier angry strings of tweets are now deleted from his Twitter account as well.

My story and my life are real. I am a real human being. While I may have tweeted out of anger, I in no way regret...

— Mark Schultz (@MarkSchultzy) January 1, 2015

The movie’s plot revolves around Schultz and his brother, Dave. The latter was later murdered by his sponsor and eccentric millionaire John du Pont. Prior to the social media rants, Schultz has publicly showed support for 'Foxcatcher', Miller and the film's entire crew. The movie has been applauded by critics worldwide and is a strong contender for the Oscars. Miller has been awarded Best Director at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, where the movie was praised by critics and fans alike. The movie has also three Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture.

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