Several Hollywood male stars have taken to social media to show their support for male breast cancer awareness #InTheNipOfTime campaign started by One For The Boys.

Mark Ruffalo and Jim Hamilton took to Twitter to show their support for the cause. Ruffalo posted a shirtless photo of himself on Monday morning on his Twitter feed.

Actor Hamilton also posted a selfie photo on Twitter.

“One For The Boys” is an organisation that seeks to educate men about male breast cancer with the #InTheNipOfTime campaign, which officially kicked off on Oct. 27 during the final week of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

“Our Main Objective is simple: to get men talking about cancer by removing the myths around it, and changing their attitudes towards their health. By bringing some blue to what seems to be a very pink world, we aim to get men paying more attention to their bodies when something might be wrong,” according to the website.

E! News reported that Samuel L. Jackson has partnered with the organisation to spread the information. In a video for the campaign, Jackson explains that men should not be afraid to speak up if they feel something is wrong. He also encouraged men to share their shirtless selfies on Twitter with the hashtag “#InTheNipOfTime.”

“Men can't just get man boobs. Nope, they can get breast cancer, too. So when you're thinking about copping a feel, cop a feel of yourself. Don't be the strong, silent type. If unsure, say something,” the actor says in the video.

Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis also took to Twitter to express her support for the cause. “Have a look, and as my good friend @SamuelLJackson says... DON'T be the strong silent type. #InTheNipOfTime,” she wrote.


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