Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal takes his seat before their English Premier League soccer match against Southampton at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton, southern England December 8, 2014.
Louis van Gaal REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal was firm that he would stick with his tactics amid displeasure from supporters.

The Dutchman's fascination of employing the 3-4-3 in spite of its seeming ineffectiveness in the Premier League is in question.

In their five recent games in the top-flight, they have only managed to win once when using the said strategy. This led the fans to get impatient and chant "4-4-2" during their tie against the Queens Park Rangers on Saturday.

Van Gaal made the adjustment after the break and it paid dividends for the Red Devils, as Marouane Fellaini was immediately on the scoresheet just a minute later. However, it remains unclear whether the 63-year-old actually gave in and listened to the crowd or not.

"I have to look at the players and I have to communicate with the players and observe the players,'' he said.

"I cannot observe the fans because how many fans do Manchester United have? All over the world we've got 600 million. You cannot take into account 600 million opinions."

"To look at the players, to communicate with the players, to observe, to analyse and so on. That's my job as a manager. Before this match I have already thought about this shape and to play it."

"Then I look to my players in a training session and I look to my game plan and then I choose, and that's dependable also from what I see at the training ground.''

Meanwhile, he defended his decision of dropping Radamel Falcao against Southampton, insisting that form takes precedence over stature.

"It's not relevant,'' he added.

"We have 29 players so then we have to talk about 29 players, not one player, because Manchester United has a selection of 29 players and maybe tomorrow 28 or 30. Not just one player."

"I'm a manager and you can't always give the credit to the most expensive player and if a young player never gets a chance then I'm not a very good manager."

"I have to treat all of the players at the same level with the same rules and same demands. It's difficult to understand because the outside world is thinking when you pay a lot for the player then you have to put him in the squad. I do not agree with that opinion. But he [Falcao] has played and I was very pleased.''

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