U.S. Olympic gold medalist Andre Ward, making his professional boxing debut, celebrates after defeating super-middleweight opponent Christopher Molina during the second round of their bout in Los Angeles December 18, 2004.
Andre Ward REUTERS/Robert Galbraith RG

Super middleweight champion Andre Ward believes that Floyd Mayweather will come out on top, should the latter finally meet Manny Pacquiao inside the ring.

Both fighters already declared that they are willing to lock horns once and for all, but until papers bear their respective signatures, there's a good probability that fight fans will be left disappointed.

"I don't know man. I hope so," Ward told Hustle Boss when asked if the super bout could push through as declared by involved parties.

"It's hard to get excited about it, with everything that's going on over the years."

While opining that the timing of the much-awaited event is no longer at its best, the 30-year-old undefeated American believes that it will still gain much attention.

"But man...I don't say that that's the fight that boxing needs, but that's the fight that boxing wants, and that's the fight that casual fans want," he continued.

"So, if it gets down, I'm gonna be excited because it's gonna be good for everybody involved."

He added: "I'm (sic) a always go with Folyd Mayweather, but I got a lot of respect for Manny Pacquiao. This is a mega, mega fight."

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