Major Crimes actress Mary McDonnell
Mary McDonnell/Laura Roslin. Battlestar Galactica Panel. San Diego Comic-Con '07 (c) Ken Conley, Wikimedia Commons/Ken Conley

"Major Crimes 6," starring Anthony Denison (Lt. Andy Flynn), Mary McDonnell (Commander Sharon Raydor), Graham Patrick Martin (Russell "Rusty" Beck), Raymond Cruz (Det. Julio Sanchez), Michael Paul Chan (Lt. Mike Tao) and GW Bailey (Lt. Louie Provenza), will have an upcoming episode titled "Conspiracy Theory: Part 2," which airs on Tuesday in the US. It will feature Sharon facing another health problem which affects her work.

Spoiler Alert: This article has additional 'Major Crimes' 2017 spoilers. Read on if you want to know what will happen next on 'Conspiracy Theory: Part 2.'

"Major Crimes" season 6, episode 7 will show Sharon's team investigating the ongoing Tackles case, according to a TNT press release. This time, they will focus on the mysterious death of a second woman connected to the said case. They will have another theory about it. Meanwhile, Sharon experiences another health problem. Plus, Rusty will suggest a partial solution to his relationship problems with Gus (Rene Rosado). However, Gus will react unexpectedly to it. Anthony Hemingway directed this episode, which was written by Michael Zara.

'Conspiracy Theory: Part 2' stars

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the actors and actresses that will appear in this episode are Reiko Aylesworth (Dr Jane Cross), Mark Deklin (Dr. William Landon), Nolan Gerard Funk (Seth Landon), Alice Greczyn (Vanessa Blaine), Tina Grimm (Tackles Team Mate Tampa), Amanda Vannucchi (Natalie Reed), Lenny Jacobson (Erik Walsh), Fran Kranz (Stan Pearl), Natalie Lander (Hollywood Dallas), Jessica Lowndes (Alex Snow), Chris McKenna (Craig Curtis) and Jessica Meraz (Camila Paige). The other members of the "Major Crimes" cast 2017 including Kearran Giovanni (Detective Amy Sykes), Phillip P. Keene (Civilian Surveillance Coordinator Buzz Watson), Leonard Roberts (Assistant Chief Leo Mason), Jessica Meraz (Detective Camila Paige) and Daniel DiTomasso (Detective Wes Nolan).

'Major Crimes' episodes: 'Conspiracy Theory: Part 1' and 'Conspiracy Theory: Part 3'

The episode prior to "Conspiracy Theory: Part 2" was "Conspiracy Theory: Part 1," which aired in the US on Dec. 5. It featured a popular attorney (Nan McNamara) who was found dead. The suspects include a film director (Lenny Jacobson), a former football player (Chris McKenna), her ex-husband (Daniel Hugh Kelly) and her son (Fran Kranz). Elsewhere, Gus and Rusty had a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship issues.

The "Major Crimes" TV series airs in Australia on the Nine network. It airs in the US every Tuesday from 9-10 pm ET/PT on TNT. The next episode after "Conspiracy Theory: Part 2" is "Conspiracy Theory: Part 3" and it will air on Dec. 19 in the US. Stay tuned for more updates about Sharon, her team and her family in the coming weeks.

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