A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

“Lucifer” season 4 hasn’t been picked up by the network, but the fans of the TV series aren’t giving up. The fans have launched a campaign to save the show called #SaveLucifer. Meanwhile, the showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich shared their thoughts about the TV series being cancelled and more in a recent interview.

When Modrovich first got the call about the cancellation he couldn’t quite believe it, the producer said in an interview with Deadline. “I had a lump in my throat all day as we called our cast and writers to tell them. But it wasn’t until I finally connected with Tom that I actually bawled. Sobbed my fool face off, truth be told,” Modrovich said.

The producers are aware of the campaign to save the show. Henderson said that no matter what the outcome of the campaign will be, it is already humbling to know that so many fans care about the show so much.

The producers knew it was a make or break situation for them while filming season 3. With the possibility of cancellation on mind, they setup the plot and characters in such an exciting way that it would make the audience eager to find out what happens next. While the plot lived up to the hype, the expected renewal never came.

Mordovich added that they were hoping to get at least get a short order for the next season, which would have given them the chance to wrap up the story. The producer apologised to the fans in case they won’t be able to explore what happens after the cliff-hanger ending. But, for now he is keeping his fingers crossed.

When asked to tease what they have planned for “Lucifer” season 4, the producers said that it will explore the consequences of Chloe (Lauren German) finding out the truth. The question for the detective will be, can she work with the devil? Love him? The producers also teased the introduction of a new, personal, and intimate character from Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) past, who would mix things up.