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There’s yet another murder case to solve in “Lucifer” season 3 episode 4. Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) will join forces to find out who killed a youth counsellor in the next episode titled “What Would Lucifer Do?”

The preview video of next episode has been released online (see below). The episode promises an action-packed ride, with Morningstar at the centre of it all.

The series has been expanding this season. The previous episode focused on Maze’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) emotional journey. The character went as far as Canada, only to realise that she has roots now, thanks to her friends back in the US.

With Maze’s doubts settled, the story will now focus on Morningstar once more. Apart from the trademark humour of the character, the preview video teases breathtaking action sequences.

In terms of the main story, the relationship between Morningstar and Chloe will come into focus. If they are able to rekindle their romance, it will be a great setup for the future of the season. Marcus (Tom Welling) has been introduced as a potential love interest for the detective, which should create interesting office conflict.

Marcus and Morningstar share an interesting relationship. While the Lieutenant was initially cautious about Chloe’s partner, he later allowed the Devil to pursue the Sinner Man case. Marcus has also been busy collecting all the information he can on the Devil. Will the two characters end up in a fight?

The title of “Lucifer” season 3 episode 4 appears to have been chosen from a dialogue from Morningstar. The devil can be seen advising Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) to think “what would Lucifer do,” when faced with a difficult problem. Amenadiel is still working hard to pass God’s test to get back into Heaven.

Credit: Lucifer/ YouTube