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While anger is the most common emotion that the characters from heaven/hell try to keep in check, “Lucifer” season 2 episode 15 was all about pain and suffering. The main plot revolves around the Flaming Sword and using it to go back home. The following article contains spoilers.

Although they have the Flaming Sword that can cut through the gates of heaven, at the moment it looks like a small dagger. Only Morningstar (Tom Ellis), who is also referred to as the Light bringer, has the power to ignite the weapon.

The last time Morningstar lit the Flaming Sword during his rebellion against God, he was angry. Seeing that the dagger refuses to ignite, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) tells her son to channel some of his fury. Still, nothing happens. So, the Devil goes about his work, and also makes plans to channel his emotions to activate the divine weapon.

Amenadiel (D. B. Woods) and Mum use different ways to get Morningstar angry, but nothing works. The Devil goes about his work – solving another crime for Chloe (Lauren German). He tries very hard to get in touch with his inner feelings, but in the end it is in a session with Linda (Rachael Harris) that he realises that the emotion he is looking for is not anger, but pain.

Back at the apartment, Morningstar gives it another shot. He channels all the pain inside, and the flames start to rise in the blade. However, it is only for a short time and not enough for what they are after. Mum wants him to try again, and harder, but Amenadiel notices how the effort takes a toll on his brother, so he steps in to stop Charlotte.

While Morningstar is unleashing the pain he has suppressed for so long, Mum has to deal with some pain of her own. The brothers feel that they have a lot of time on their hands to get this right. But, time is running out for Charlotte. “Lucifer” season 2 episode 15 reveals how she has been suffering in silence, not letting her sons know the problems she is facing alone.