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People enjoy a sunny day in the coastal town of Kotor July 20, 2007. Montenegro expects the 2007 tourism season, its first since becoming independent last year, to be its best one yet with an estimated 1.1 million tourists flocking to its azure beaches, officials said on Friday. Reuters/Stevo Vasiljevic

An Oct. 29 version of this story erroneously identified Estonia as the capital city of Tallinn. The story was corrected accordingly on Oct. 30, 2015 at 12:41 p.m. AEDT.

Lonely Planet recently unveiled its “Best in Travel 2016” list. The featured travel destinations list showcased the best cities to visit next year, including Mumbai, India, Fremantle, Australia and Nashville, United States.

The coastal town of Kotor, Montenegro topped the list for having the most beautiful harbours in the world. At No. 2 is the capital city of Ecuador, Quito. The city is situated high in the Andes and has various tourist attractions, offering a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Third on the list is Dublin, Ireland. The city has bounced back despite being hammered by the global recession.

Lonely Planet's list of the top 10 best cities to visit in 2016 are:

1. Kotor, Montenegro

2. Quito, Ecuador

3. Dublin, Ireland

4. George Town, Malaysia

5. Rotterdam, the Netherlands

6. Mumbai, India

7. Fremantle, Australia

8. Manchester, United Kingdom

9. Nashville, United States

10. Rome, Italy

The Independent notes that George Town in Malaysia is popular for its street food, street art and fruit. Rotterdam is famous for its modern fruit and vegetable market, which opened in 2014.

Lonely Planet also showcased the Top 10 Best Value Destinations.

1. Estonia

2. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

3. East Africa

4. New Mexico

5. Bosnia and Hercegovina

6. Galicia, Spain

7. Quebec City, Canada

8. Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

9. Timor-Leste

10. Western Australia

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and its Old Town is a UNESCO-protected site. Estonia is currently one of the most captivating countries in Europe. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi have risen to become a tourist haven. However, the Tan Son Nhat International Airport was also dubbed as among the worst in the world.

East Africa boasts of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and people. New Mexico is famous for its windswept sand dunes, ancient sites and art. Bosnia and Hercegovina also feature several great architectural sites and relics.

The top countries to visit in 2016 are Botswana, Japan, USA, Palau and Latvia. The best regions include Transylvania in Romania, West Iceland, Valle de Vinales in Cuba, Friuli in Italy and Waiheke Island in New Zealand. All these places feature breathtaking sites, delectable dishes, rich culture and history.

Watch Lonely Planet's video about the best places in the world to travel in 2016:

Source: YouTube/Lonely Planet

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