Hugh Jackman at The Wolverine premiere in Tokyo
Actor Hugh Jackman waves to fans as he attends the Japan premiere of his movie "The Wolverine" in Tokyo, August 28, 2013. Reuters/Yuya Shino

MPAA has finally decided to rate the “Logan” 2017 movie in terms of suitability for certain audiences, and as expected, it received an R-rating. The news comes in the form of a tweet where director James Mangold explains the reason.

Now, when it comes to discussing about an actor playing a particular superhero, say for instance, Batman, the list is a long one. Michael Keaton played Batman in the movie’s 1989 release with George Clooney taking over in 1997. Later, Christian Bale took the role, succeeded by Ben Affleck who was seen in the 2016 movie, “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Nonetheless, when it comes to Wolverine, it has always been Hugh Jackman, and Jackman alone. No one needs to ask which one when it comes to talking about the actor playing the mutant made of Adamantium. There is only one Wolverine.

That being said, the tenth and latest instalment in the X-Men movie series could be Jackman’s last, as well as for the solo Wolverine franchise. According to a blog by The Express Tribune, “Logan” 2017 is loosely based on the best-selling Old Man Logan story from X-Men comics.

While 20th Century Fox released the first “Logan” trailer on Oct. 20, a second trailer followed suit not more than a week ago, showcasing a new character, Laura Kinney/X-23, chased by the infamous supervillain Donald Pierce. Logan, in the trailer, appeared weak and wounded, with his instant-healing power fading, and suffering from a perpetual pain.

According to the Express UK edition, the actor, in a recent interview with Empire magazine, said the adamantium is eventually going to kill Logan. “The effect of metal poisoning, on what for Logan would be a massive level, would be depression, tiredness, massive joint pain.” “I loved the metaphor of his weapon being the thing that’s killing him, on every level,” Jackman added.

This, obviously is a sign that the ever-so-powerful Logan will meet a glorifying towards the climax, but fans will have to wait and watch the movie to know that for sure. “Logan” hits the theatres on March 3, 2017.