Living Dolls Venus Angelic and Justin Jedica Featured in TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’ [VIDEO]

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Living dolls Venus Angelic and Justin Jedica were featured in TLC's hit docu-reality series "My Strange Addiction".

To welcome the New Year and its fifth season, the TV show talked about the phenomenon of living dolls featuring three key figures who share the same obsession - to look like the said inanimate object. On Jan. 1, a one-hour special of the program entitled "I'm a Living Doll", viewers will meet three different people who went through different transformations to look like a real doll.

Justin Jedica tagged as the real Ken Doll who underwent over 100 surgeries in order to achieve a perfect male physique like Ken. Justin spent thousands of dollars for his surgeries. He was featured in various shows and has met his match, Valeria Lukyanova - coined as the human Barbie.

Venus Angelic, on the other hand, became famous because she resembles a true Japanese anime character. She has hundreds of YouTube videos of make-up tutorial sharing tips on how to look like a human doll like herself. She said that she started living like a doll since she was born and achieved her look through make-up and clothes.

Another case presented in the program is that of Emily who feels more confident when dressed as a doll. In the program, she tried to reveal her fanaticism to her family.

Living dolls became internet celebrity overnight because of their peculiar looks. These people are desperate to look like dolls, whether going through special diets, wearing uncomfortable corsets and contact lenses and even going under the knife.

Watch the full episode of My Strange Addiction "I'm a Living Doll" in the video below.

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