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The “Little Nightmares” release date will take place in three weeks. It will apparently make the comfortable seem uncomfortable. The game also offers a little bonus for those who pre-order the game.

This game is being offered on Steam with a little bonus for pre-ordering the game. According to the official site, if players were to purchase the game, they will receive the Scarecrow Sack and the Upside-down Teapot Masks to help Six blend in The Maw. In addition to this, buyers would also receive the original soundtrack and an exclusive wallpaper that features the Janitor.

Gameplay story

The game offers a dark and whimsical tale that is said to confront players with their childhood fears. Six, the main character of the game, will need to escape the Maw, which is a vessel that is inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. The game will include interactive storytelling together with an apparently outstanding sound design. Players will discover the foul secrets that the Maw holds, which gamers would have to survive to escape.

According to the game’s description, gamers will be able to visit the most intriguing dollhouse to explore. It will apparently feel like the player is both in a prison and playground. This survival, horror puzzle game is set in a super-sized world where the smallest down could lead to a fatal misstep.

‘Little Nightmares’ three editions

The game comes in three editions. In the official website of the game, it is being offered with the Standard Edition, Digital Edition and Six Edition. The Six Edition will include the physical game, 10 centimetre figure of Six, a themed cage box, an exclusive A3 poster, sticker board and the original soundtrack CD. The Standard Edition offers the physical game while the Digital Edition offers the direct download of the game in the platforms it can be played in.

Mighty Vape also offers a Special Edition of the game that includes not only the physical game but also the original soundtrack.

Release date and price

“Little Nightmares” is already available for pre-order on certain online game retailer sites. The game is available on three platforms, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Its official release will be on April 28 in certain parts of the world including the US and the UK. However, the game will be available in Australia on May 5 if the physical version is ordered for the Xbox One, according to Mighty Ape. On the other hand, since the game can be downloaded digitally, it can be bought on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Steam. The price of the game is $29.95, $34.95 and $26.95 respectively.

The game is also be available for pre-order on EB Games. They offer the Xbox One version with the Special Edition of the game and Playstation 4 version with the Six Edition of the game. It will set back buyers by $34.95 and $49.95 respectively.