The Last Of Us 2
"The Last Of Us 2" was officially confirmed at PlayStation experience 2016. Facebook/The Last Of Us 2

It has been three months since Naughty Dog officially announced the existence of “The Last Of Us 2.” Despite this, however, it has not given much more information on the title, which has led many to create theories of their own and question the game developer’s intentions and capabilities.

As noted by a Reddit discussion, most of those who have played the original game believe that Joel is dead and that Ellie is merely talking to his ghost in the reveal trailer. There are several clues as to why this is, particularly that Joel did not seem to have aged, that he did not help Ellie in what seemed to be a battle and that he spoke in singular. “You sure you wanna do this?” he asked Ellie.

One Redditor went into specifics. The theory suggested that the Fireflies were able to track down and execute Joel for what he did in “The Last Of Us.” As such, Ellie is out for revenge, with the ghost of Joel -- the one she sees in her head -- following her. This imagined Joel tries to convince Ellie to turn back because she’ll be killed otherwise. In essence, the story has been turned. While the original was the story of a father losing a daughter, the sequel will be about a daughter losing her father.

As another pointed out, the franchise is just proof of how Naughty Dog has mastered the art of storytelling. It was noted that the single-most heartbreaking thing that can happen to a relationship is when one party dies. Several players thought that Joel would not make it to the end of the first game, but he survived the odds. If Joel stays alive in “The Last Of Us 2,” it would just further prove how the game developer has a steady hand in telling a story.

Another theory suggested that Joel and Ellie will be torn apart somehow and that the wedge will be driven by Marlene’s death. Joel killed Marlene to save Ellie in the original game, but the two women were close. The love that Ellie had for Marlene and the latter’s death in the hands of Joel might justify her anger.

It is estimated that “The Last Of Us 2” will hit the market sometime this year. However, until Naughty Dog makes an official announcement, all release dates are just speculations.

Watch the reveal trailer of "The Last Of Us Part II"


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