Square Enix has announced that the critically acclaimed “Life is Strange” will be getting a retail copy early next year. The disc will come with all the episodes of the series and a limited edition version with various extras is also available for pre-order.

“Life is Strange” was originally released on digital platforms, with each episode garnering plenty of praise for the unique premise and interesting characters that inhabit the story. The episodic game series did so well that developer Dontnod Entertainment confirmed that a second season of “Life is Strange” is in the works.

The physical copy of the game will feature all five episodes and will be coming out for PS4 and Xbox One. Interestingly enough, the retail copies don’t appear to be coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360, despite the fact that the digital version of the game is available in those last-gen consoles.

Gematsu also confirmed that the physical copy of the game will have subtitles in different languages. Fans will be able to choose from English, French, Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (Mexican), German, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian.

Square Enix also detailed the content coming in the limited edition copy of the game. Fans who pre-order the limited edition will get a 32 page art book, the game’s soundtrack, director’s commentary and the original score. The limited edition will cost US$39.99(AU $56.11), while the standard copy costs US$29.99 (AU $42.08).

To those unaware of the series, “Life is Strange” centered on the 12th grade life of Max Caulfield, who seemed to be your average normal girl, until she discovered that she had time travelling powers. These powers are the basis of the game, as Max has the power to change certain events and save those that might have gotten killed in previous events.

This eventually comes at a cost, as an apocalyptic event is looming and it might just be related to Max’s powers. Whether Max gets to save everyone or not depends on the choices that the player makes, which get more difficult as the game progresses.

“Life is Strange” will come to retails stores on Jan. 19 for North America and Jan. 22 for Europe. The entire series is currently available for download on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Life is Strange - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)